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WE Magazine is very proud to be working with these excellent businesses in quality, integrity and business savvy.

Focus On You Photography – Kim Cartmell is a very successful photographer with  20 years experience in her field of photography for Weddings, family portraits, business portraits, events and more. Kim and her partner, Kathy White, organized the fundraiser, “Niagara’s Running of the Brides” in Niagara Falls in 2011.

In 2013 Kim and Kathy have built and launched the Wedding Chapel in a romantic and rustic setting in beautiful Stevensville, minutes from Niagara Falls, Ontario and Buffalo, NY.  This quaint little Chapel is the perfect setting for a wedding and pictures with a creek running in the background.

Kim is expanding  her talents as a writer and offers many informative articles on her travels.  You will be able to read many of Kim’s articles in the upcoming issues of WE Magazine.

To view Kim’s gallery of photographs such Enchanted Children Portraits, Biker Kids, and the Wedding Gallery visit Kim’s website: Focus On You Photography.

P3 Social Media – Peter Giblett, CITP, LLB is your internet Publicity Partner. Are you looking to leverage Social Media in your business? Build Internet publicity and sales, enhance communication and collaberation, build trust, intervene effectively, and build revenue.  Peter is your go to guy.

For more information visit Peter’s website:   P3 Social Media

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