Vibrational Energy – An Interview with Debbie A. Anderson

W-E Magazine recently had the opportunity to talk with Debbie A. Anderson, whose life journey brought her from the U.K. to Canada in 1997, a country she fell in love with and stayed, embracing her new country, she leapt into her spiritual calling with both faith and measured practicality.
Debbie has recently pursued a coast to coast tour of  Meet and Greets across Canada and this is when she stopped for a while to discuss her newest leap, the set of  52 oracle cards called Vibrational Energy©. She talked about her trek, which began in her home province of British Columbia on February 15th since then she has logged more than 13,000 km to reach the eastern  edge of  this great country in Newfoundland and now on her way back to BC, where we caught up with her.
In 2012, she was inspired to create her deck of 52 beautifully illustrated oracle cards, called the Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck© and the idea behind them is to present down to earth explanations and guidance along with powerful cards that can help with any question, its simplicity allows anyone to use them to obtain life answers on a day-to-day basis. The Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck© is made super accessible to any user with the definitions on each of the cards and a special Five Vibrational Dimensions of the Soul© spread which assists any person to get answers to Universal Truths that they need to be acknowledged. The $25.00 set of cards also comes with an 80 page guide book.
Anderson explained that she has performed readings since she was in her 20s, she came to understand that The Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck© was needed to help normal people get past their blocks and give themselves answers about what they feel is blocking them from their
true potential. They can also be used to reflect pervasive changes happening in our lives. “The definitions are ‘grounded’ so will help guide the user towards the direction they need to go at that moment. Sort of like clearing the fog that sometimes surrounds us, helping us to get back in
step with our own vibrational energy,” Anderson said.
To help her bring the cards to life she engaged gifted illustrator Heather Brewster who took her words and created mystical art images.  From the inspiration of spirit, she took gutsy yet practical steps to get these messages out and into the hands of people looking for an updated way of seeing their world. Anderson says they open up the whispers of ‘spirit’ and she demonstrated their ease of use as they can be read just by simply shuffling the pack and pulling a card at random to get the direction and answers needed, and indeed the explanations are clear.

We were interested in Anderson’s motives to self-publish, she stated that “Rather than go the tried and tested, safe route and rely on others to publish and distribute, I gambled my own money and time.” She created an initial print run of 300 packs from a Vancouver based printer and before even leaving Alberta she already ordered a further 500 decks, now touring Ontario she has almost sold out again and is awaiting another print run of 750 decks. She also selected 16 images to offer as greeting cards that are blank inside but have the definition on the back. Anderson calls Her Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck© the culmination of “her wonderfully expansive age of 56”, proving it’s never too late to create, or to make a difference.

Debbie A. Anderson posts information on her decks and where she’ll be next at:  or find her on  Facebook (
Anderson is aiming to go worldwide with her Oracle Cards, but  naturally, with good vibrational blessings.

Edited by Peter Giblett

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