Re-Invent Your Business

© Olga Vasilkova  Dreamstime Stock Photos  dreamstimefree_192479REINVENTING YOUR BUSINESS
Does your business need a new lease on life?
What does it mean to reinvent your business?
Does it mean as an entrepreneur you have to reinvent yourself?
The answers to these questions are important to any business or entrepreneur who wants to stay competitive. For business it is a practical journey that should be taken. For an entrepreneur it is an open mind to moving with and for the business to stay competitive.
“Reinvention isn’t a philosophy – it’s a form of business insurance.”
Reinvention will be as simple as rebranding, refocusing to a new business model or a new business.
Product – change or upgrade the quality of your product. Make it appealing to today’s market and customers. Create a digital format of your product so you can use the technology of today to the benefit of your business. Take it to a new level of quality. Kick up the quality without alienating customers, continue to reinvent or refine but always keep the end user in mind.
Branding – rebrand your product – use new fresh colours, use different means of getting the word out about your product – you may change your logo, your business name to reflect a current and updated vision. Run your business as a business and not as a hobby. If this is the way you have been operating your business, as a hobby, then this is a great way to reinvent it.
Marketing – look for a fresh new way to market your business. Look for other companies who are changing with the technology – use social media, use a digital means of getting the word out about the new reinvented business. Make it feel fresh and new. Don’t carry a lot of inventory if you have products, find a way to take orders online.
Keep your eye on your end result, your `prize` at the end of the journey, grow slow and steady. Be patient, persistant and strong. Know that what your business is, is your passion. This is what you want to do. You are changing it to keep the dream going.
Keep an open mind.
Diversify – your current business may be going in the right direction, but something happens in the economy to change how you do business. So now what do you?
Reinventing can be taking what you are already doing and branching off to create a new business, or a new product to create another source of income. This might mean that you have to think about how much work you can handle without hiring. What do you have to do to cut costs? You may run into stumbling blocks. So you may have to rethink your business model. Sit down and figure out what works and what doesn`t. Don`t hang on to something that isn`t working. What isn’t working may have to be modified, reconstructed or eliminated.
Reinventing your business is hard work and having an open mind to new ideas, new opportunities, is vital to your business survival. If one door closes another door will open. When that door opens you have to be willing to walk through it. Don`t let that door shut on you, be willing to say yes.
If reinventing your business means networking with another business, you may have found a way to keep your service standard higher, and costs lower. Work with another company to manage the overload or distance work. (working with customers in other areas, provinces or countries). Share ideas and grow with an open mind.
One entrepreneur who reinvented working with a franchise says, “I always look for new ways to be of service and value to my customers“. Mitchel York, of New York City says, “When you take the time to care, good things happen.“
Continual reinvention is essential. If you don`t reinvent your business, someone will reinvent you out of business.
1) Know when to make a change. Is it the right time to change? Some reasons for change are: spending more time with family, market change, the economy juggled your customer base, you are bored, these are all good reasons. You need to be practical because any change involves risk. If you already have a steady cash flow, you may have to sacrifice again for a few more years.
2) Decide what you want to do : once you`ve decided to make the change, decide what type of change is necessary to meet your goals. When you`ve decided there is something better, you then need to decide whether you need a big change to over haul everything or just a minor change. “Èntrepreneurs have more ideas that they have time for. The absolute first stage is deciding to cut off all those other ideas and focus on one. Making a decision to make a decision is the hardest thing for entrepreneurs to do.“ says Greenstreet. (Karyn Greenstreet, a Philadelphia-area small business coach.) Working backwards is the easiest way to figure out what and how much change. You need to have clarity on your goals for change. Your values and your goals will be your guide to help in your decision-making for what is a good idea and what is an excellent idea.
3) Follow the plan: You should have a business plan in place. When reinventing you need to have a business plan like you are starting from the beginning again. Think it through thoroughly, who is the competition, how are you going to beat them and what are the costs.
4) Make the switch: As you are making the switch you may be running two businesses at the same time. Create a detailed exit strategy if you are phasing out one business and bringing in a new one. Give everyone notice that a change is in the works, when it will happen and what it means for them. This means new employees, or current ones, vendors, customers, and your family.
5) Mentor and manage – even the best intentions to sticking to your business plan can have deviations. Bring in outside help, a trusted source. Business owners need someone to brainstorm with to keep them sane. When you make a change from something that you have built and nurtured over the years, some may feel like they are going through a grieving process. It`s important to find someone to talk to because as a business owner you are dealing with a lot of stuff.

1) Research the heck out of what customers want – advertise on websites and social media to send traffic to your website explaining your change in a couple of weeks, months… This can help you monitor the overall interest and get feedback. (You should be doing this type of advertising anyway to reach other areas, new customers, and to let your current clientele know that you are still in business)
2) Save up to lose money – be sure to have enough cash available to survive any possible loss in revenue that a change may create. For example: from selling a product (DVD) to a virtual product – selling a downloadable software. This could impact your immediate cash flow as you switch from one to the other.
3) Choosing price points carefully – get as much outside input as possible. Customer retention is value. Be sure to have a price point at the break point or below so that it doesn`t cause a current customer to cancel. Have a sale to encourage the current database and peak the interest of new ones.
4) Be passionate about quality – quality is key in building a strong brand that can withstand a change or reinvention of your business. Give your customers more than what they expect.
5) Communication with Customers is Significant – customer communication is always key, but even more so when you are making major change in your business. Offer something over and above to ease this transition with your customers.

Recommended Books of reinventing your business:
1) The 10 Laws of Career Reinvention: Essential Survival Skills for Any Economy by Pamela Mitchell, founder and CEO of The Reinvention Institute
2) Second Bloom: 10 Steps to Reinvent, Rejuvenate and Realize a New Life by Michelle Gamble-Risley and Anne Marie Smith
3) Franchise: Freedom or Fantasy: How to Know if a Franchise Is Right for You after Your Corporate Career

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Vibrational Energy – An Interview with Debbie A. Anderson

W-E Magazine recently had the opportunity to talk with Debbie A. Anderson, whose life journey brought her from the U.K. to Canada in 1997, a country she fell in love with and stayed, embracing her new country, she leapt into her spiritual calling with both faith and measured practicality.
Debbie has recently pursued a coast to coast tour of  Meet and Greets across Canada and this is when she stopped for a while to discuss her newest leap, the set of  52 oracle cards called Vibrational Energy©. She talked about her trek, which began in her home province of British Columbia on February 15th since then she has logged more than 13,000 km to reach the eastern  edge of  this great country in Newfoundland and now on her way back to BC, where we caught up with her.
In 2012, she was inspired to create her deck of 52 beautifully illustrated oracle cards, called the Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck© and the idea behind them is to present down to earth explanations and guidance along with powerful cards that can help with any question, its simplicity allows anyone to use them to obtain life answers on a day-to-day basis. The Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck© is made super accessible to any user with the definitions on each of the cards and a special Five Vibrational Dimensions of the Soul© spread which assists any person to get answers to Universal Truths that they need to be acknowledged. The $25.00 set of cards also comes with an 80 page guide book.
Anderson explained that she has performed readings since she was in her 20s, she came to understand that The Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck© was needed to help normal people get past their blocks and give themselves answers about what they feel is blocking them from their
true potential. They can also be used to reflect pervasive changes happening in our lives. “The definitions are ‘grounded’ so will help guide the user towards the direction they need to go at that moment. Sort of like clearing the fog that sometimes surrounds us, helping us to get back in
step with our own vibrational energy,” Anderson said.
To help her bring the cards to life she engaged gifted illustrator Heather Brewster who took her words and created mystical art images.  From the inspiration of spirit, she took gutsy yet practical steps to get these messages out and into the hands of people looking for an updated way of seeing their world. Anderson says they open up the whispers of ‘spirit’ and she demonstrated their ease of use as they can be read just by simply shuffling the pack and pulling a card at random to get the direction and answers needed, and indeed the explanations are clear.

We were interested in Anderson’s motives to self-publish, she stated that “Rather than go the tried and tested, safe route and rely on others to publish and distribute, I gambled my own money and time.” She created an initial print run of 300 packs from a Vancouver based printer and before even leaving Alberta she already ordered a further 500 decks, now touring Ontario she has almost sold out again and is awaiting another print run of 750 decks. She also selected 16 images to offer as greeting cards that are blank inside but have the definition on the back. Anderson calls Her Vibrational Energy Oracle Deck© the culmination of “her wonderfully expansive age of 56”, proving it’s never too late to create, or to make a difference.

Debbie A. Anderson posts information on her decks and where she’ll be next at:  or find her on  Facebook (
Anderson is aiming to go worldwide with her Oracle Cards, but  naturally, with good vibrational blessings.

Edited by Peter Giblett

Inspiration – Guest Post by Ricky Roberts III

Inspiration can come in many forms and many ways.
Here are a couple of questions to ponder–
Where does your inspiration come from? What inspires you? How do you stay inspired? What are things that discourage you? What do you do to inspire others? Encourage others? Support others? Are you taking enough time to nurture the things that inspire you? Are you allowing circumstances and/or others to stand in the way of pursuing the deep passions of your heart? Is there anything you can change right now live out your fullest potential?
I believe in the greatness of who you are. However, ultimately, you have to see that greatness in yourself. When we look more deeply at who we are, openly and honestly we are able to see our life from a more clear perspective. Reflect on your responses to the questions above. Sit with how they make you feel and be mindful of what actions you can take to shift the things that keep you from being and staying inspired. You are amazing just the way you are. You deserve to take the time for yourself. Look at your life with an open heart. Reflect on how you want your life to be. Take action on the things that you love, that give your life purpose. Inspiration and being inspired are only words if they are not put into motion in the life you live.
There is only one like you in the entire universe. You choose what you will do with the unique gift of your life. Be you best. Treat others with love and kindness. If nothing else, let the very essence of your being be an inspiration to you of and in itself. You deserve to live an inspired and inspiring life.
YOU ARE VALUED – Ricky Roberts III

Discovering Maitri by Janet Gallagher Nestor

My co-leader Camille and I spent weeks trying to find the right words to describe our first Nurturing Wellness through Radical Self Care group. We wanted to find a “manta” to reflect the essence of our work and create an immediate positive energy for the participants.

Maitri (MyTree) is an ancient word that represents a concept found in Sanskrit, the religious and classical literary language of India. Maitri exquisitely embodied what we wanted to say to perspective group members: Nurturing Wellness is a personal learning experience that leads to positive change, positive self-talk, self-love, and the emotional freedom to be happy and free.

If you are familiar with the work of Pema Chodron, an American born fully ordained Buddhist nun, author, and teacher, you know she has the ability to speak simply about very complex ideas. She explains, in a Sounds True video, that Maitri is the basis of compassion for self and others. To enrich the meaning she continues to explain all that Maitri encompasses: • Unconditional friendship and acceptance within oneself for oneself • A knowing that all answers come from within, not from outside of ourselves • Being able to relax with yourself • Feeling at home within your mind and body • Feeling glad to be alive • The feelings of well-being that come from your gladness • Your relationship with pain and various difficulties and how you handle the complex feelings they bring • Accepting that within all life there are struggles and difficulties

The eight points above outline the basic concepts each student encounters as they work to find their authentic and beautiful smile.

The Nurturing Wellness program was largely developed sitting on a bar stool at my kitchen counter. Each morning I’d sit down with my laptop and bring up the list of affirmations so I could practice with them. I’d work with one or two of the affirmations using the Radiant Energies Balance rapid release technique and sometimes my work would take me right to the heart of my own inner conflict and move me through it.

Some days the release was so deep I needed to soothe myself. The shift in awareness was so important that I had to integrate the perceptual shifts and forgive myself for the mistakes I’d made. On those days I’d take a meditative walk or do a chi gong standing form in the little woods behind my house. Sometimes I’d just walk around inside my house stopping occasionally to breathe, shake out the kinks, and breathe some more. Sometimes I’d go to my meditation area and spend time in silence. Because of my own experiences, I built meditation and an energetic balance into the program.

The release work helped me increase my level of positive thought. The changes led me to a new understanding of old issues and the healthier behaviors allowed me to support my mother physically and emotionally through her final illness. Because of this gift of grace we were both able to heal some of the suffering that challenged our relationship, and we both found some much needed inner peace.

The power of the Nurturing Wellness program was now obvious to me. I knew the possibilities were limitless. I knew what our group members could expect to achieve if they stuck with their work. I understood they needed some tips so they could remain comfortable, balanced, and hopeful as they found their confidence and self-acceptance.

It is often true that the teacher learns as much by teaching as the student learns by listening and participating. This is certainly true for me. I’m still learning and growing. Each time I write an article like this one or organize for an interview I am led to a deeper level of understanding.

Life is a process and so is Radical Self-Care. I wish you Maitri.