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Would you like to help heal others who are in “pain”?

Provide your information and services to help others to make better decisions.   Our digital magazine and website can help you help others, by generating traffic to your website and creating potentially 55,000 + new customers!   Wow – that is a lot of people you can reach out to support!

Get involved in changing the planet, expressing yourself and your business, so blessings can come to you and your customers. Expand your horizons and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, you and your business, will experience when you help someone else!

Our current, full colour, per issue Magazine ad rates are in Canadian dollars (CAD). If purchasing two or more issues, you receive additional savings.  Prior to distribution of each issue you will receive an invoice, payable through PayPal.

Along with ad space in the magazine there are options to advertise on the website as well. Contact us for details and you may receive a FREE spot.


Coming soon:  Marketing packages that include, magazine ads spots, website ad spots and radio features and ad spots.



If you have any questions about our magazine rates and advertising, please contact us at:

2015/2016 WE Magazine deadlines
Distribution: Deadline:
March Feb 14
June May 17
Sept Aug 16
Dec Nov 8

From time to time we have a Special Edition and offer special rates to a limited number of advertisements.

For more information about our Special Editions contact us at:


Contact us for rates at:


Digital Magazine Rates

  • Double Page Spread:     $1000
  • Back Cover:                    $  600
  • Inside Front Cover:       $  500
  • Inside Back Cover:        $  550
  • Full page:                        $  400
  • 3/4 page:                          $  375
  • 1/2 page:                          $  300
  • 1/4 page:                          $  175


Radio Ads: 

  • 15 sec spots (coming soon in  2015)

   $99.00 / month for 30 ads

  • 30 sec spots (coming soon in 2015)

    $180.00 / month for 30 ads


Website Ads:

$75.00 per month


Package Rates:

From $350 / month to $1200 /month

Contact us to create a custom package for you.


Share your story and information with us on our radio show, we would love to interview you. For more information and rates please contact us at

We are starting now to take appointments for interview scheduling. Contact us to set up a time to discuss your participation in the show.


Ad sizes subject to availability.
Advertising rates are subject to applicable taxes.

If you have any questions please contact us at:

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