We can only hope to live such an amazing life and touching so many hearts.  Maya Angelou changed the world by touching the hearts of people showing them passion and compassion like no other.

There are thousands of magazines and websites today, from health to house and home, fashion, beauty, family, travel and more.  We want information now, encouragement and inspiration..  Finding the right information, the right words to help us through a difficult time, an inspiration to help us live a good life through a relaxing read is key to having an amazing day.

“WE”, Women Empowered magazine, is that key to your reading enjoyment.

The journey to bring you this amazing magazine Butterfly swirl
began with an opportunity in 2007.  This opportunity allowed me to live and work my passion, to inspire and encourage others using this amazing vehicle, a digital magazine.  Lessons learned on this journey were very important, and these lessons have been my greatest teachers. I have worked with and learned from many talented people in developing the magazine.

The concept for WE magazine began its butterfly journey from these lessons. An idea, as small as the caterpillar, began eating away the leaves surrounding it, taking in all the information, the hurts, the relationships, the pain, the challenges.    All of this helped to develop this person in me, and the magazine. The chrysalis had formed in 2009 and here it is now, sharing with you such inspiring information. The transformation is complete.  This “WE” butterfly has emerged from its chrysalis.

Join in our journey to reach and inspire, by sharing WE Magazine with
women around the globe.

Contact Us:  info@we-magazine.com or mail your inquiries/ideas to:

WE Magazine

St. Catharines, Ontario Canada L2M 7W5

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